Nationwide Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK) organizes national and international conferences and publishes university- based, indexed and online academic national and international journals. We provide a platform for researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students to impact and share knowledge in form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation mode from all over the world. We create a more welcoming and intellectually stimulating means of achieving sustainable education and intellectual goals.




Call for Papers

NAFAK hereby calls for original research papers on diverse disciplines, intellectual outlook, cognitive style that offer the breadth of ideas that constitute intellectual journal. We accept well articulated articles on current issues relevant to but not limited to the following areas/fields:

1  Adult Education                            21  Environmental Science/Education                  41  Multicultural Issues in Education

2  Agriculture                                      22  Ethnicity & Education                                     42  Nomadic Education

3  Alternative Education                     23  Fine & Applied Arts                                          43 Philosophy/Philosophy of Edu.

4  Animal Production/Science             24  Food Science Education                                44  Physical & Health Education

5 Anthropology & Education               25  General Studies Education                             45  Primary Education

6  Applied & Natural Science             26  Geography/Urban & Regional Planning           46  Quality in Education

7 Applied Chemistry/Biology               27 Guidance & Counselling                                   47  Research & Innovation

8 Arts & Social Science                     28 Higher Education                                               48  Rural Education

9 Arts Education                                 29 History & International Relations                      49  Science Education

10 Biological Sciences                        30 History of Education                                          50 Secondary Education

11 Business/Secretarial Education      31 Home Economics Education                            51 Sociology/Sociology of Education

12 Civil/Mechanical Education             32 Humanities                                                       52  Special & Inclusive Education

13 Computer Science/Engineering      33 Information Technology & Education                53 Teacher Education

14 Curriculum & Instruction                  34 Language Arts/Education                                 54 Technical Education

15 Early Childhood Care & Education   35 Law & Civil Right/Consumer Edu                    55 Technology Education

16 Education for All                                36 Library & Information Science                        56 Universal Basic Education

17 Educational Foundation/Admin        37 Lifelong Learning/Education                            57 University Education

18 Educational Psychology                   38 Mathematics Education                                    58 Values & Education

19 Educational System/Policy               39 Mentoring & Coaching                                      59 Vocational Education

20 Entrepreneurship Education            40 Microteaching                                                    60 Women Education



You can choose to publish in any of these journals.



  1. Knowledge Review ISSN 1595-2126
  2. Multidisciplinary Journal of Academic Excellence ISSN 2141-3215
  3. Journal of Pristine ISSN 2250-9593



1 International Journal of African Education Indices based in Tanzania ISSN 2276-982X

2 Academic Discourse: An International Journal based in Ghana ISSN 2277-0364


Guideline for Submission

1 Paper should not be more than 15 pages of A4 paper

2 It must conform with the latest APA Referencing Style

3 Paper should be typed with 12 font using Times New Roman, double line spacing

4 The abstract of the paper should not be more than 200 words

5 Pay online the assessment fee of N3,000 or equivalent  for the national journal or N5,000 for the international journal into First Bank Plc, 2001056297, current account, account name Prof. Byron Maduewesi

6 Submit 2 hard copies and  soft copy in CD Rom to our office 66 Old Market Road, Onitsha or submit the soft copy of the paper in Microsoft Word Attachment to any of these email addresses:



7 Indicate the journal you are subscribing to.


NOTE:  Our journals are published twice in a year, March/April/May  and November/December

NOTE ALSO:  Our Editorial Board evaluates every submitted paper for compliance with ethical guidelines of repository.




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